MOB practice on your own boat

There is nothing like MOB practice on your own boat

It's because every boat and crew is different and what works for one may not always work for another.

Hunter yacht 334

Every boat is different

We spend a day trying different techniques and then select the one that works for you. Practice it with different crew performing the rescue and hone it to perfection.

Man being lifted onboard a yacht using an I C Brindle recovery strop

Try them all and find what works for you

Use all the MOB equipment

I bring all the MOB equipment and if you have any of your own equipment we can use that as well.  We'll practice with the rescue dummies first, and then if you want to, try real people.  It's always interesting to simulate a MOB that is fit and healthy, and then try it with one that pretends to be unconscious.

MOB rescue dummy being lifted onboard a yacht

We'll use dummies first

By the end of the day you have a well practiced Man Overboard rescue method that works for you and your crew.



Want something different to Own Boat Man Overboard Practice?

Maybe you've been on the RYA / ISAF coastal Safety Coarse and found the MOB recovery part interesting or perhaps you've just done your Dayskipper or Yachtmaster practicals and run through the MOB procedures.  

Want to do more MOB?  If so, we have a couple of options for Man Overboard Rescue training, both of which are free.  All I ask is that I can use any photos I take on the website, social media, magazine articles etc.

Yacht clubs - I can run half day sessions on your yachts as part of your regular sailing weekends.  Why not finish a cruise on Sunday lunchtime and spend the afternoon learning 5 MOB techniques.

Own boat sessions - anything from a few hours to a full day using all the equipment on your yacht.

As long as your within a few hours drive of Jct 13 on the M25 I'll come along and you can try anything you want.

If you are interested in trying any of these MOB equipment out yourself then please contact me at or use the contact form.  If you have time, can you add some info on if you are a Dayskipper, Coastal Skipper or Yachtmaster and if you've done the RYA Sea Survival or the RYA / ISAF Coastal Safety course.