MOB Kit – 5 Step Emergency ladder

5 Step Emergency Man Overboard ladder

If you are looking for a ladder that is robust, easy to deploy and climb then the 5 step MOB ladder from Force 4 Chandlery is ideal.  The ladder is made from wide plastic treads threaded onto a polypropylene rope and separated by plastic tubes.  It's a neat idea because you can fold it down into a bag about the size of a loaf of bread.  Simply by twisting the steps 180 degrees the treads and tubes lie along each other and you gather it up together.  When you remove it from the Zip Loc bag and hold it by the top loop of rope, the ladder unrolls and the tubes and treads automatically set into position.


picture of 5 step emergency ladder from Force 4 Chandlery with no background

5 step emergency ladder from Force 4 Chandlery



The treads are about 3 inches wide and have a good grippy surface.  I'll test them out to see how good they are when they are in position and wet, but first impressions are good.

Picture of the tread cross section from the Force 4 chandlery emergency 5 step ladder

Wide and grippy plastic treads


The tubes look robust as well.

Picture of the plastic tube used to keep the treads apart on the Force 4 5 step emergency ladder

Strong plastic tubes separate the treads

The Knot at the bottom holds it all together

The knot at the bottom is simple and I might make this into something better by adding a spanish stopper knot.  I'd expect that as soon as I use it, the know will tighten up tight and be almost impossible to move, but I'll add an extra one anyway.

Picture of a knot holding the tread onto the 5 step emergency ladder from Force 4 chandlery. No background

Knot below the bottom tread

It rolls away very compact

This is the neat part of the design because it rolls away very simply by twisting each step through 180 degrees.  The tubes collapse and lie alongside the treads and it becomes very compact.  It fits into a Ziploc bag supplied with the ladder and ends up being the size of a loaf of bread.

Picture of the 5 step emergency ladder from Force 4 Chandlery rolled up with no background

It rolls up very compact


Want to try more MOB ladders?


Maybe you've been on the RYA / ISAF coastal Safety Coarse and found the MOB recovery part interesting or perhaps you've just done your Dayskipper or Yachtmaster practicals and run through the MOB procedures.

Want to do more MOB?  If so, we have a couple of options for Man Overboard Rescue training, both of which are free.  All I ask is that I can use any photos I take on the website, social media, magazine articles etc.

Yacht clubs - I can run half day sessions on your yachts as part of your regular sailing weekends.  Why not finish a cruise on Sunday lunchtime and spend the afternoon learning 5 MOB techniques.

Own boat sessions - anything from a few hours to a full day using all the equipment on your yacht. As long as your within a few hours drive of Jct 13 on the M25 I'll come along and you can try anything you want.

If you are interested in trying any of these MOB equipment out yourself then please contact me at or use the contact form.  If you have time, can you add some info on if you are a Dayskipper, Coastal Skipper or Yachtmaster and if you've done the RYA Sea Survival or the RYA / ISAF Coastal Safety course.