Build on your RYA ISAF safety course MOB training.

The RYA /  ISAF safety course

The RYA ISAF will show you how to recover your Man Overboard from the dockside. It's a comprehensive course where you spend a day covering fire fighting, storm sails, damage control, distress alerting, search and rescue and other key skills for offshore racing and blue water cruising. It's an excellent course and a requirement for offshore events like Fastnet race.

Picture of a typical agenda from the RYA / ISAF Coastal Safety one day course. Black text on blue backgground.

Typical RYA / ISAF Coastal Safety Course Agenda

More MOB please.

If you've been on it and want to do more on the MOB Man Overboard recovery part then why not arrange for us  to come to you for a day.  RYA / ISAF will cover a selection of MOB recovery techniques, ranging from using ropes alone, helicopter strops through to pick up sails or Jason cradles but because it is only part of the day it's not possible to try as many techniques as we do.

collage of different MOB man overboard equipment being used

MOB Man Overboard rescue equipment

Step by Step MOB

Our day will break the MOB process down into key steps assuming the worst case. You start with learning to make contact with someone from when they are 30 feet away from the yacht and bring them alongside. Then you use different recovery techniques depending on how fit the MOB is. We'll use dummies to simulate an unconscious MOB and also do a short handed recovery with just one person left on deck.

MOB Manoverboard workshop agenda

What we cover in our workshops

Experience being the MOB yourself.

One difference versus most RYA / ISAF safety courses is that you can experience being the MOB yourself.  We have a selection of diving drysuits and lifejackets available and pick a sheltered location without strong current or tidal flow.  You can try climbing the different ladders, experience the rope elevator, try helicopter strops and the Kim Pick up Sail.

Lady in the water being rescued back onto a yacht

Experience being the MOB yourself


Want something different?

Maybe you've been on the RYA / ISAF coastal Safety Coarse and found the MOB recovery part interesting, or perhaps  you've just done your Dayskipper or Yachtmaster practicals and run through the MOB procedures and want to practice the recovery?  If so, then we have a couple of options for Man Overboard Rescue training, both of which are free.  All I ask is that I can use any photos I take on the website, social media, magazine articles etc.  

Yacht clubs - I can run half day sessions on your yachts as part of your regular sailing weekends.  Why not finish a cruise on Sunday lunchtime and spend the afternoon learning 5 MOB techniques.

Own boat sessions - anything from a few hours to a full day using all the equipment on your yacht. As long as your within a few hours drive of Jct 13 on the M25 I'll come along and you can try anything you want.

If you are interested in trying any of these MOB equipment out yourself then please contact me at or use the contact form.  If you have time, can you add some info on if you are a Dayskipper, Coastal Skipper or Yachtmaster and if you've done the RYA Sea Survival or the RYA / ISAF Coastal Safety course.